Offer Assessments. Provide Results. Convert to Subscribers

Offer Assessments: Provide Results: Convert to Subscribers:
Effortlessly and ethically draw clients to your business using a marketing strategy you will finally feel good about. Give your visitors a take away value by offering answers. Completely automate your web site lead generating strategy and add extraordinary value to every product and service you sell from now on!

Create Your Own:

  • Feed Back Forms
  • Skill Level Rating
  • Ability Level Assessment
  • Pre Qualification Forms
  • Pre Interview Analysis
  • Client Intake Forms
  • Self-Scoring Assessments
  • Fun Tests and Quizzes
  • Coaching Follow-up Forms
  • Weekly Coaching Logs
  • Customized Surveys
  • Teleclass Registration Forms
  • Workshop Evaluation Surveys

Features and Benefits

  • Free Support

  • No HTML Skills Needed

  • Mobile Friendly Assessments

  • Instant Updates & Edits

  • Simple & Type-Based Assessments

  • Automated or Manual Scoring

  • Automatic Follow-up

  • Easily branded email

  • Simple to distribute

  • Free Hosting

  • Full Customization

  • Autoresponder Friendly

  • 9 Question types

  • Unlimited Assessments

  • Nothing to Download


"The Three Main Benefits of Assessment Generator are, increased traffic and trust, it's cost effective and easy to use.
Visitors jumped in January from 500 to 8000 visitors in October - traffic has increased dramatically and I expect it to continue."

Suzie Price,
Priceless Personal & Professional Development

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15 Ways to Use Assessments to Gather
Information and Attract Customers


Assessments are being used in a variety of ways throughout the coaching, career, employment, health, and even to test employees' knowledge about the jobs they are doing. Jobs like customer service, software knowledge, hardware knowledge, management style, and what type of career a person would be most suited for can be tested and analyzed by giving a simple assessment.

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Attention Coaches,
Consultants & Entrepreneurs:


Here is How to Effortlessly and Ethically Draw Clients to Your Practice Using a Marketing Strategy You Will Finally Feel Good About
Completely Automate Your Web Site Lead Generating Strategy and Add Extraordinary Value to Every Product and Service You Sell From Now On!

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